New Holland garage Door, LLC Garage Doors

There are many garage doors on the market today and can make the customers decision very confusing. It is my job to find out just what the customer is looking for.

Color, insulation value, material, style and windows are things that the customer must consider when choosing a door. I will help advise the customer in these choices so they will find a door that will best fit their needs and compliment their home.

There are many grades of doors that reflect the price. When choosing a door I recommend that the customer not only considers price but compare the price to the quality of the door that they are purchasing.

When choosing a door these are my recommendations:

Raised Panel

Non-Insulated Steel
Haas 2580 & 2480
Insulated Steel (great value)
CHI 2283 & 4283
Insulated Steel (high R-value)
Haas 600 & 700 series
Vinyl Door
Wayne Dalton 8700

Carriage House Doors

Non-Insulated Steel
CHI 5250
Insulated Steel (great value)
CHI 5283 & CHI 5983
Insulated Steel (high R-value)
Haas 600 & 700 series
American Traditions
Haas 900 series
Wood Doors
Artisian Custom Door Works

Many other models are available as well from the following suppliers